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At Pioneer, we have a mix of ownership opportunities, from lease horses (only the monthly fees are payable) to purchase horses (an upfront purchase fee is required to obtain a share followed by monthly fees).

A share in the prize money earned by the horse is included in the share and also resale value for any purchase horses, a shareholder will receive an owners badge which allows entry to the owners and trainers section of the racecourse when your horse runs. Additionally, invites to Pioneer yard visits to see the horses under ownership.

The monthly fees covers training expenses such as: training, farrier, breaking in costs, transport to and from the racecourse and away day gallops, gallop fees and stabling costs, associated administration, the jockey’s riding fee when invoiced by trainer and also an ownership badge.

Race entries for the horse and entries for overseas racing (all such entry costs including all forfeit stages and final declaration fees) plus transport for overseas races are charged at cost price then pro-rata to share sizes. These fees will then come out of share sizes in prize money earned if your horse wins, if the horse does not earn enough prize money to cover these entries then any negative balance would not be charged to you.

When you commit to a share in a horse, the minimum share length is for 12 months or for the duration of the horses tenure with Pioneer if shorter.

You are free to leave after the initial 12 month agreement when taking out a share, however any upfront payments (I.e purchase fee) will be relinquished.

Unfortunately, this is one of the risks of horse racing. We will endeavour to try and look after any owners that encounter this situation and when appropriate, will try to offer you an opportunity at getting involved with another horse, if available, at no extra cost.

Prize money is paid into shareholders’ bank accounts at the end of the National Hunt season in May. Accounts will firstly need verification and a statement is included to shareholders. Total prize monies is not the full prize monies stated in the press and involves deductions to Injured Jockey Fund and relevant horse racing authorities.

The team at Pioneer Racing will endeavour to make sure that shareholders are updated regularly via various communication methods regarding horses entries and declarations.

We at Pioneer love to talk racing with our owners, whilst we wouldn’t ever dismiss an idea from ourselves or an owner, we do pay the Trainers and their teams to do the job for us. With that in mind, we put total faith in them to do the right thing by our horses. Owners will be kept informed at the earliest opportunity to maximise the ease of making plans to join us at the races. We want to see as many of you as possible.

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